BEAM Commercial

Central Vacuum Systems

Increase your business and workplace efficiency with a built-in BEAM Commercial Central Vacuum System

  • Manufacturing Facilities & Warehouses

  • Lobbies & Reception Areas

  • Restaurants & Banquet Halls

  • Salons & Spas

  • Elder Care & Retirement Homes

  • Theatres, Cinemas & Conference Halls

  • Gyms & Recreational Facilities

  • Office Buildings

  • Automobile Dealerships & Rental Agencies

  • Hotels & Guest Houses

BEAM Commercial delivers a flexible cleaning solution for any business or facility.

Apartment Buildings.
Keep hallways and common areas clean with ease.

Hotels and Guest Houses.
Quiet operation and speed of cleaning are essential.

Office Buildings.
No disruption to daily business operations.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Schools.
An absolute need for hygiene and cleanliness is required.

Theatres and Restaurants.
Public areas with frequent cleaning.

Retail Shops and Hair Salons.
Efficient and safe system is essential.

Churches and Museums.
Clean swiftly and quietly with no damage.

Manufacturing Facilites.
Where dust, shavings, and debris are by-products of production.

How can a BEAM Commercial Central Vacuum System benefit your business?

Convenient and Easy to Use.
No more dragging around vacuums or looking for electrical outlets. Just plug the hose in to the inlet valve and start cleaning right away.

Two people can vacuum at a time, on multiple floors, with no loss of suction.

Reduced Cleaning Tme.
Longer hose length lets you clean more area at a time. The 90L bucket capacity lets you vacuum more without having to empty as often, saving you time.

More Power - Better Investment.
BEAM Commercial Central Vacuum Systems are more durable and last longer than traditional vacuums. Up to 20,000 hours of regular use! Spend less time and money replacing inexpensive vacuums.

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Employees and customers will benefit with a safer, cleaner indoor environment.

Quiet Operation.
With the power located in different area you can continue to operate your business without disruption.

Allergy Relief.
A central vacuum system removes all contacted dirt, dust, and allergens from the room and does not recirculate in to the air like a portable vacuum

Muscle Relief.
There's no heavy canister or upright vacuum to drag around or carry up stairs. There is only the weight of a hose, so there is less strain your maintenance staff, making the workplace safer.

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